Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today's Medicine: Love

This is Kazul, using Annabelle as his pillow. Why choose this picture to talk about love? The look on his fuzzy little face says it all. He's comfy, Annabelle is quite obviously asleep and comfy and the bliss is apparent from a mile away. They don't question the love they have for another, they just live it. What a fantastic concept. And of course they are cats, so their self-love cup is pretty full to begin with and they are unapologetic about it being so.

It makes me consider what kind of world we would live in if every single being BELIEVED they were loved as much as they really are. What would that look like? Would people choose to respond rather than react? If each and every one of the beings on the planet could feel the love that is directed at them, could accept that they not only deserve the love but could embrace the reality that they are DEARLY LOVED and CHERISHED, would there be as much violence? Maybe, maybe not. I do think that many people have no idea how much they matter to the other people in their lives and cannot tap into the power of that love. I also realize that most people's shadow selves will not allow for this miracle to occur, yet it's a nice thing to ponder.

I long for the day that every shining being can see the light that comes from within, even if it's hiding beneath self-doubt, self-hatred and a pile of unresolved issues. And my feline companions remind me each and every day how to touch that light and direct it out into the world. For that, I am immensely grateful...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blessings of Imbolc upon us all...

Day darkens, night brightens;
Candle flames, soul lightens;
Day behind me, dreams before:
Open now my soul's door.

Turner of the World, I rejoice in the blessing of your presence. You have been with me during the day even as the stars have been in the sky, obscured by daylight; although I have not remembered you, you have remembered me. Now, may the peace of your silent blessing enfold me as I enter the companionship of night. From the womb of silence, I emerge refreshed and encouraged. May the riches of revelation be seeded in my soul as I turn to contemplate the mysteries of life.

-Celtic Devotional, Caitlin Matthews